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Originally Posted by MesQueUnClub View Post
I have close to a 100. My wife has stopped believing the "it's a demo that I will soon sell" line a while back and of course she sees the credit card statements as well.

After every big splurge, I take a break for a few weeks to get things back to normal. There is no long time solution to this issue though. Recently I succumbed to pressure and sold about 10 and after a week, spent that money to buy another 12.

I hear ya, bra.

Tell her it is your own personal stimulus program. That you are doing your part to get the economy moving again. The multiplier effect and such.

I like the demo line but I suppose you can only use that one so often before it loses all credibility.

The solution: A secret storage unit that is billed to your office. She'll never know.

I still like the how many shoes do you own gambit. No woman can really make a case about your racket total when she is harboring
as many or more pairs of shoes. I have my rackets, you have your shoes. It is all good, babe.

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