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Lightbulb My Take on Yonex Poly tour spin string

Ok i played with new poly for good 4-6 hours now and i am finally now getting a good feel for it. This is a textured 5 sided poly from Yonex. Yonex makes great products so i decided to give it a try.

Yonex RDIS 100--- 53 lbs full bed.

1st of all, on the serves it is a Great string. Good control, and power on serves is there when you need it. My kick serves really jumped up, even more so than other textured strings like RPM blast.

Feel department really shined. I had problem with feel with bluegear but not with this string, great control on drop shots.

Groundies department. this is where i had some issues. Control is about average but power was lacking. My groundies stood up and saids hit me. I was getting good topspin but it didn't penetrate. This is a problem because if your Topspin groundies sits up during rallie, your opponent will pound it.

Volleys. Not bad with good feel and placement. but once again lacked punch due to lack of power on the string bed.

Overall, Nice string from Yonex with ton of spin potential. Feel was better than bluegear. but this string really lacked penetration on the groundies. Maybe i should go and pump more iron. but won't be switching to this string at this time. but guys with more powerful groundies and guys that love Blue gear string, this string maybe worth trying out. Tons of topspin with decent control. and better feel.
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