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Originally Posted by forehander
Wait a minute guys. You're starting to get this backwards. If we are going from the baseball theory, which I have heard before, a right handed batter who is left-eye dominant has the advantage. This is because the closest eye to the ball (the left eye in this case) is able to better focus in on the ball. This is not necessarily because it is closer by a couple of inches, but because it is in more of an open position relative to the ball...

- I think most right handers are right eye dominant.
I had already mentioned cross-dominanace in post #3 of this thread, but this is a good explanation why X-dominanace is preferrred for baseball (but a bit of a handicap for archery and rifle-shooting).

Dunno, it most righties are really right-eyed. I've tested 2 dozen ppl or more and almost as many have been left-eyed as were right-eyed. Of course, that is not really a very large sampling.
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