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Default What college tennis is all about

Let's be honest, pro tennis is much higher quality than college tennis and there is nothing like best of 5 battles in grand slams. But there are things in college tennis that are impossible to generate in the pro game. What are some of these moments?

Last night in Lubbock, Texas is a great example.
"I really fed off the energy of the crowd tonight," said Carvalho. "I will remember this moment forever. This was my Senior Night. It was special."

That quote sums up what college tennis is all bout. The Red Raiders pulled off a dramatic win over rival Texas with senior Gonzalo Escobar clinching the match in front of 1,000 fans under the lights.

this photo gallery is awesome

This Texas Tech team has not been known for mental strength but they decided that on senior night for their top 3 players that they would not lose.

what college tennis is all about right there.
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