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And the fourth winner(&team) of the season has emerged. Great come back from Vettel, who still does not like his car's balance. Also the Lotus team was a strong contender today, so I don't think it will take them long to be the fifth team to win a race this season.

The McLarens were a disappointment, considered where they started. They clearly did not work their tyres well. Then the bad pit stops and the puncture left them with only 4 points today.

The Mercedes made the best of their grid. Schu drove through the field to gather a point, which was quite impressive given how close the most teams are. Nico fighted well after his disasterous start and regained the 5th in the end.

As for the incidents with Hamilton and Alonso I don't think Nico did do anything the former two drivers hadn't done themselves, were they in his defensive position. So the fist pumping from Alonso was quite a childish reaction. Ferrari has got some work to do in the coming tests in Mugello

As for Mugello and Barcelona afterwards I think we might see slight shifts in the now very unpredictable pecking order. So far I think consistency will win this year's championship.
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