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Originally Posted by Chris Camillone of Texas about Chen's clinching win
Chen throws his racquet over the fence. LAD. We almost tackle him as we rush the court. We start bouncing around and screaming. It’s crazy. Coach Center and (associate head coach) Ricardo (Rubio) can’t believe it. Nobody knew what was going on. We were in a state of shock and complete, overwhelming excitement. As Alex Hilliard put it, “I’m just in a state of euphoria.” No question, it was one of the best feelings ever, and it was one of the most emotional dual matches ever played. Go to the Texas Tennis Facebook page, watch the video titled “Chensanity”, friend request Ben Chen, try to meet him, get his autograph, shake his hand, whatever. The guy achieved legendary status as a Longhorn tennis player with that victory, and he made the match one of the most epic victories in Texas history. This story will be passed on for a while; it’s a moment that none of us will ever forget.
they were down 5-2 on 3 courts in 3rd set
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