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I was really hoping that Kimi would get up there and take the lead from Vettel but that RB8 is really quick out of the corners. All around it was another really good race.

I really don't know what happened to McLaren this weekend. Their race pace wasn't as good as it had been in the previous three races and the pits were a nightmare. Hamilton could have had a better finish but he had two bad pit stops with the same guy causing the problem both times. Even without that, the cars didn't seem like they had the performance that they had previously. I wonder if they have reconsidered sitting out the mid-season testing.

I was just glad that Schuey finished the race without incident. Really great finish considering where he started. I still think he will win at least one race this season.

There really is no predicting things this season. Every team seems to be having a strong showing at one point or another so they all can be a threat to win. It's making things really great for the fans.
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