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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
It seems the pattern over the last 18 months was that Nadal continued getting closer and closer to winning their matches. Djokovic peaked in 2011, when he was nearly untouchable on every surface and is now heading slowly downhill.

AO 2012 Nadal was up a break in set 5 and once again mentally burped. I think many could feel a potential turning point with that match, however.

Let's wait until Novak evens up their H2H. It's currently 17/14 Nadal
Nadal is getting closer to nothing. It's your illusion or shall I say wishful thinking. Plus, what really p!ssing me off is all that 'knee problem' Rafa supposedly has... the biggest ***** in the universe. I used to like Nadal and I don't have any respect for him any more.

Roger has a big mouth but at least he speaks up his mind. Rafa is a loser who tries to satisfy everyone but he is so fake... oh yeah 2 year ranking, oh my knees. oh my hair ... blah, blah...
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