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Originally Posted by nadal_slam_king View Post
Djokovic only wins as much as Nadal allows him to win. When Nadal is playing his best, Nadal wins the US Open no matter what anyone does. Nadal plays bad, he loses to Del Potro in straight sets at the US Open or Djokovic in 4 sets at the US Open. Nadal plays his best and he only gets broken 5 times in the entire US Open. And I haven't even mentioned Wimbledon, where even playing a very nervous match Nadal was able to breadstick Djokovic last year and also break Djokovic's serve in the 4th set. Now with his confidence back, Nadal will take back his titles and move within a couple of Federer's 16 slams and then finish off that record in 2013-14.
I mean I can ignore a lot of crap from you but to say that Djokovic beat a "nervous Nadal" at Wimbledon when he had one of his best serving days ever, especially in the first set which he served at 81 % and still lost 6-4, come on now...
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