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finally someone did a review of these strings. i currently use poly tour pro 130 in my vcore 98 d at 60 in one and 58 on the other. i was thinking of trying n potentially switching to the poly tour spin, seeing as it is shaped, unlike the round poly tour pro. i used to ur alu rough which is textured to get a bit more spin in my kblade tours. for $9 u cant go wrong. yonex is quality. to answers skye's question, it's a stiff string (maybe because i string it at 60) but i haven't gotten any arm pains. get good spin, but probably not as much spin as a textured string like the poly tour spin. the yellow also looks cool. so u recommend the poly tour spin? how is it compared to alu rough, seeing as u use luxilon.
The spin and control is insane, better than Alu Rough by a mile.

I used to use many luxilon strings, Alu Rough, alu fluoro, big banger original, even big banger ace (doesn't last me more than 4 hours)..., I can tell you won't get better control and spin from any of these luxilon above, guaranteed.

I'm only at 3 hours right now, the poly tour HS is way better than big banger original as well, similar as well.
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