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Originally Posted by tennis11 View Post
can you talk about how the black force was, and the lethal 5? is the lethal 5 shaped like lux alu rough?
Black Force 17 was uniquely stretchy for a poly. The string stretched almost as much as nylon when pulled and remained very elastic with pretty good tension maintenance. The US distributor's website claims it's comparable to RPM Blast, but I didn't find that to be the case. Black Force was much softer and springier. Compared to RPM Blast, it had a lot more power and feel, but not as much spin or control.

Lethal 5 was annoying to string, with strong coil memory (presumably a result of the twisting). It's pentagonal, but its faces and edges aren't as clearly defined as other shaped strings (i.e. BHB7) so it looks close to round. Lethal 5 is firmer than Black Force, with better spin generation and less power, making it easier to hit out on ground strokes.

ALU Power Rough has a round cross section and uses divots in the string to create texture to try and grab the ball. The shape is different from Lethal 5's twisted pentagonal profile. Compared to Lethal 5, ALU is firmer and more precise. Lethal 5 is probably easier for normal people, where as ALU can perform better (if the player is up to it).
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