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May be joining soon. After my initial hit this morning I am very impressed. Ive added leather grip, overgrip, bab O damp and 6g between 10&2.

Ive always liked older Yonex mids, super stable headshape, my 1hbh rules with the short stiffer throat, as do volleys. Ive played with a pro stock yonex mid and this is just as stable although I would love a wide tk57 pallet. I have a grip2 as Yonex grips feel thicker imo cos they're round. Ive flared my buttcap so that my fingers can find my western grips. No vibration whatsoever.

Just a short hit so far, Im a big server so it has to match my BB Legends in this department but from the couple ive hit so far the bat feels fine.

Out tmoro for another hit, Ive wanted a Yonex for a while but they've all been too stiff, this feels almost pillowy...

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