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Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
Check the first page, I have one. I like the pro one better but my game is heavy topspin.......I believe if you are a flat hitter the 18x20 will serve you better. Also, depending on the strings the racquet will play completely different.

My pro one with SOLINCO tour bite plays my different than my other pro one with pro supex blue gear at the sae tensions.

To each there own....... The donnay is a great stick none the less.

Ps- With the x dual pro use a poly with more pop like tour bite. A less powerful poly make the frame way underpowered even for us heavy hitters
Thanks. I'm a 4.0/4.5, 1hbh, all courter, and do hit flatter (though with some spin here and there) so maybe the 18x20 is more suited to me. I played well with it in my first outing; have another match tomorrow.

I noticed in one of your posts that you were going to try some different strings in the Dual Pro; have you done that yet? Not sure what the strings are in the demo I have, but suspect it's one of Donnay's brands since it came from them. I have used TB in gut/poly hybrids so if I end up purchasing a dual pro, might try that out as part of a gut/poly hybrid.
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