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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
yeah, Nadal is God, or is it that God is Nadall... not sure, still thinking about it.

right, Nadal is so much more talented that Swiss ballerina ... gee people, I hope your are being sarcastic. if not, I can only laugh.

regardless of their h2h and clay *****, Federer is an effortless genius... comparing Fed and Rafa is just stupid ... I can't believe how far some ********s can go ... oh, let me say this again, DJOKOVIC OWNS NADAL, get it ? I guess not, lol. oh, ********s ... such a turn off... I used to like him but his fan-base is the most delusional base ever ... meh
I don't necessarily agree with your generalization of an entire fan base based on 3-4 major offenders (with multiple usernames that make them look like 6-7 posters!).

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