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I've seen one match of Pancho's(his 112 game match with Pasarell at '69 Wimbledon) & in terms of power his serve doesn't seem anywhere near the league of Newcombe, Ashe or even Laver.

But as you said his goals on serve weren't to hit aces etc, but to get a high % in(he made 33 1st serves at one point & served at 84% in the last 2 sets....I can only recall Wilander, Borg or Nadal getting those kinds of numbers so late in a match)

I can see why he had such legendary stamina, since he paced himself so well on serve.
I don't think you can judge Pancho's serve by that match. Pancho was 40 years old, and that match was a war of attrition against the #1 ranked American at the time.

From what I've read, Pancho had the biggest serve, and hit the most aces, of anyone on the pro tours he played on. The fact is, Pancho went for, and succeeded at hitting a lot of aces when he was down. Vic Braden writes at length about how dominant Pancho's first serve was. He explains that, because Pancho's serve was so dominant, a pro event was held in which the players were allowed only one serve per point. Pancho dominated even more than usual with only one serve.

Pancho's serve technique was immaculate. Check out his serve here at about 25 seconds. If you stop it at just the right moment after contact (right foot stepping across, right elbow up, racquet head past vertical), you can capture the amazing pronation that Pancho got on is serve.

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