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Nadal had profited immensely since the atp tour gradually slow down the court and increases high bounce over the years. Funny thing is Nadal never demands such change, but when he demands the atp to change schedule(to suit for him), and two years ranking, he doesn't get his wish. Then resigned as vice president of the ATP Player Council. LOL
yup, I see Rafa as a little kid ... only my mom and my uncle love me ... boooh, life is so hard .... lol... only Clarky can like this guy... I guess she is a masochist... honestly Clarky, I'm trying to understand why women love Rafa so much ... he seems to be very unintelligent (but you controlling women love that, lol) ... is it his *****? his muscles? I don't get it... he is not even good looking ... it's certainly not his tennis skills, he doesn't have any ...

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