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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
Are you sad Clarky hasn't chosen you ? There is a price to being her choice, she will say "Evan77 will never win anything ever again", "Evan77 is sucking massively (no pun) " etc etc
but, don't say that, because I'm secretly in love with Clarky (pshhh). I'm better looking than Rafa (well my ***** is getting saggy, but I'm working out and trying really hard, lol ... )don't spoil my party, not cool

there is that song from 80's, can't remember the name of the band but it goes something like 'I love to hate you'... that's Clarky's relationship with Rafa, lol .... still I can't help it, I like Clarky ...I'll try to find this song, I think I'm falling in love, lol.

OK, here it is ... dedicated to Clarky

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