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and did 'big server' in those times really mean what it came to mean once Becker started hitting 100 aces in one tournament(while only serving at like 50%)? Would love to know what the 'most aces' meant in the 1950s. I'm guessing it meant something quite differently than we think of today.
I would guess so too, it's hard to tell without more footage.

I've watched the 46 games of the first set, in Gonzalez-Pasarell. Pancho's serve does not seem like a monster, but he did serve more aces when he was younger.

1948 Forest Hills final, lasted 43 games, he served 16 aces.
1949 Forest Hills final, lasted 67 games, he served 27 aces.

The '69 match went 112 games, I don't know what his ace total was but he may have had fewer than in the much shorter '48 match.

His serve back in the '40s was described as "thunderous" and "devastating." No one would say that about his serve in '69.

But nothing strange about that. People who observed Tilden in 1940 said that his cannonball lacked its past "fury".

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(Kramer went on about how he was still as fit as ever & hadn't gained an ounce since his 20s. Like Rosewall he was a freak of nature)
He may have been fit, but you can see how much speed he's lost. He seems not as fast as Pasarell, certainly not as fast as Laver was at that Wimbledon.
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