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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post

It was quite a treat to see this match, I don't imagine any other Gonzales matches will ever turn up, something is better than nothing. Maybe you will get to see it on youtube some day.
Why don't you post it up on youtube? Better to share a historic match like that with the whole world than compiling stats and sharing them to a handful of nerds on the internet (borderline autistic behaviour). Do you actually like the game of tennis like the rest of us on this forum, or is it numbers and statistics you like?

I mean, virtually all of the matches you do already have statistics on them, at the end of the sets and matches they flash up on the screen. I'd understand if you were a PHD student or writing a book or something..?

Look at the effect Krosero's posting of Rod Laver's matches on youtube had. No one was considering him to be a great player like Federer until then. Tennis journalists wrote articles about it and linked Krosero's videos. No one could have imagined a 5'7'' player with a wooden racket was so good until they saw it with their own eyes.

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