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Here's another pic:

We played on court 18 which is down one (toward the mountains) from these girls.

The courts were slow compared to the ones I usually play which haven't been resurfaced in 20 years, yes. I liked it, everything moved a bit slower and the balls bounced higher and the rallies lasted longer. It was great.

I'd love to play there every day if I could. Just a little too hot in the summer.


What's interesting is the courts actually have a little purple in the blue which isn't picked up by the camera.

Another thing I liked was that the green backstops which you can see in the photo are fabric which is stretched a few inches in front of the concrete behind it. So when a ball went past, it would hit the fabric and drop straight down and stop, it wouldn't roll back into the court. Great idea.

And also, the people in the pro-shop were super cool and friendly. Really a class-act.
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