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I usually like a swingweight in the region of 360 but there are some rackets that dont seem to need as much for whatever reason. The prestige mid I always found was perfectly happy around 350 and so it seems does the vc95d.

On the short hit so far I started with 6g up top felt it moving thro the air a tad too quick, lobbed on another 4g which made me late on a few balls, settled for an extra 2g (8g in total) which felt like my other sticks Ive used, easy mod in the end.

Interesting for geeks like me is that the sw feels the same as my Legends but they are about 10pts lower. This is prob due to the slightly thicker beam around the hoop and being less manouverable than the Becker's.

Its raining here so it looks like another miserable English day and I wont be getting out for a hit. Ive got a large garden area and Ive been hitting against the wall and if my 1hbh continues to feel as natural as this on the court, everything else remaining the same, then its bye bye BB and hello VC
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