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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Aimr is that an h22? You beast.

I must admit that my eye has wandered..well kind of.

I really love the plus length a lot..I just don't know if I like standard or plus better is maddening in a way, as I have a tendency to hit close to the throat sometimes.

Basically I'm thinking about trying a Roddick version out in standard length.

The madness of all this is the fact that while I have found an ideal match for me in terms of racquets, I have not dialed in the specs just yet. I like the PD+ at 325 grams a lot, but the only way to really know if I like the heavier Roddick would be have 1 in the bag as well.

I also remember demoing the last roddick in the plus and I believe in this thread I described the demo and how wowwed I was by the experience. The plus just was a little tougher to wield at that weight. I had matches with the 6.1 where I was so dominant and just crushing the ball so hard that I do miss that lovely weight sometimes...well not all of the weight, just a little.

The roddick just seems the potential game changer if I am good with the weight. Still half an ounce lighter than the 6.1 95, easier to use and got some of the most rave reviews I have ever seen.

Regardless, these new PDs are so sick...dear lord.

I figure a light XL PD at 325 and a Roddick standard is actually a collection I could keep in my bag.
Once more unto the breach, dear friend. I say go for it. We need you testing and reporting. Ever since you got into a relationship you haven't been the same, you don't come and hang out with the guys, anymore.

Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
I noticed that it was for sale. If it had a bigger grip, I'd most likely take it. However, I can't say for sure, as I'll hit my new IG Prestige MP for the first time later today, strung with V-Pro 17 mains at 48 and NRG2 17 crosses at 52. We'll see how it goes, but a lot of early "ravers" over this new Prestige are throwing it to the curb, it would appear. I really feel like it needs a leather grip, but I don't want the added weight. So for now, I'm going with the stock grip and overgrip. Also, I wrapped head tape over the grommets from just above 3 to just above 9, and it pretty well swings itself with this fraction of added weight there.

Interestingly, after over a year of tinkering, I've gone back to my "tried-and-true" mods on my Londons, and they are really feeling like the proverbial "extension of the arm"--and might I add at the most inopportune time. The difference in the two sticks, as I see it, is that with the London, success comes by attrition, whereas with the Prestige I'm hoping for something a little more straight forward and laser-like. Should be fun either way!
Good luck, man. There is magic in the IG Midplus. I know it. I experienced it on multiple occasions. I just couldn't get back there for some reason, and this will be one of the great mysteries of my life. I hope you find the gold.
Carpe diem.
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