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Yeah good point....Djokovic and Murray and Nadal and Federer all had solid games at that stage....Forehand,backhand,movement.....I feel its not who is the best now but who has the most room to improve that will be the best. Look at djokovic....all around solid game when he was 20. Then increased everything by 5% and became superhuman. Raonic has backhand/movement problems. Harrison has backhand problems. I say this guy Stebe can go far. He has a lot of talents and never really focused on tennis early in his life. He has a down to earth attitude and has all the shots but he can still improve them all by 5-10%.....Have you seen much of him yet?
When Djokovic and Murray ended up 2006 as #16 and #17 respectively I was sure that they are going to be top players. They were 19 yo. When I look at this new generation I see nothing ... yes, Stebe is an interesting player (I did see few of his matches), Raonic has a decent game (great serve), Tomic is Tomic (spoiled brat, lol... never won any tournaments in his life) ... but again they are nowhere even close to the top guys ... I do like Harrison too... but the problem is there are too many holes in their game .... the top 4 will simply eat them alive ... To be honest with you, I'm so disappointed with these youngsters ... nobody seems to be able to step up. Djokovic and Murray were able to beat Roger and Nadal when they were 19/20 yo ...

well, at least Raonic did win 3 small ATP tournaments ... still they are miles away from where Djokovic and Murry were at their age ...

I like to watch Dimitrov, pretty game, nice movement, good foot work, but again ... he is not getting anywhere either ...I hate to be so pessimistic but it is what it is ... soon or later someone will show up.

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