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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Gads, you carry the torch so you have ignored the new PDs and PDRs is a mystery to everyone.
It goes back to my college days, when I was first offered a bump of cortex and I wanted the experience, and to be accepted, but I was terrified of the slippery slope of addiction.

Maybe one day...

As a big server Babs have always intrigued, but outside of the Pure Storm series the feel has always bothered and I've never felt in control enough of my groundies. The fact that I have long thought Andy Roddick a punk has also not helped. Now all the kids are saying that the stuff on the streets now is different. But is it a ploy to get me hooked?

Maybe. Maybe one day I will break and order a demo box of the black stuff. If I suddenly vanish one day, never to be heard from again, you'll know what happened..
Carpe diem.
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