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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Yes but that can be said of anything......I have a vc95, fed kennedy has one, they'll play differently cos I've got 8g of lead top of hoop and fed hasn't but the frame is the same as hewitts, that's what I wad getting at. I've played with joachim johansen rdx500 mid all that was different from retail was extra weight was in the hoop during lay up process.
I suppose I'm going to chalk it up to not knowing enough about racquet construction but let me give it a shot.

I've been reading that Yonex actually customizes molds for players by adding material etc to a frame wherever pertinent whereas other companies like P1 simply hide Pb under the bumpers or silicone etc... My reasoning (from my basic understanding of the physics) is that adding material to the hoop will change the stiffness and weight of the frame. Pb and silicone will go a long way towards changing the balance and weight of the frame but ultimately the stiffness will be the approximately the same when measured on a RDC

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but that's how I interpreted a Yonex "Pro-Stock" frame to be different

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Originally Posted by alidisperanza View Post
Possibly but I'm not naiive enough to believe the frame I have and his are one and the same. I guess I'll have to try it out for myself[/QU
No idea what any yonex pros are truly sporting...however I dipped into the 40s with blackcode on my retail 95 d and could not tell the difference....buuuuut smooth power poly like hyperion at 55 is a better ride for me...more zing on my shots. I play on hc
Good to know it's possible. I just strung up BHSR and @ 48 and it actually feels pretty tight. I'm looking forward to hitting it but unfortunately, I have girlfriend duties tonight.
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