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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Aimr is that an h22? You beast.
yeah, i'm nuts

Originally Posted by PED View Post
IG RP swings MUCH easier and better all around stick over the YTRP.

YT is nice on clay but against hard flat hitters who take it early, it can get a bit unwieldy. If you have a compact swing though, it's doable but prefer the versatility of the IG so far.

Dgoran summed up the IG version well: the power of a PD with the feel of a PT630. Really nice frame.

I went 55/52 the first string job and it was good but I dropped to 52/50 to account for the lower mass and it def played better. The tighter stringbed of the IG leads naturally to a lower trajectory ball so the looser setup helps with that.
Thanks for the overview.. I dont have access to my stringing machine as im moving house so had TW string it up with TB at 48lbs. Its a string ive used a fair bit so should get a feel for how the IGRP plays. I like the description of it having the power of a PD with the feel of the PT630.. should be interesting! I have some pt57a's so will compare

Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
Nice, 16/18 who'd you tempt that off of?
I have an 18/20 that looks a lot like that, i was set on a frame and very happy with it then a fellow UKRTB tempted this into my lap during a swap process, I think i like the H22, only thing making me think of selling it is i imagine grommets aren't easy to come by!
yeah grommets are an issue.. its one of those frames ive wanted to try for some time and when the 16x18 pattern came up i bit the bullet. Got it through the string forum
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