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A brief Yonnie report:

RDIS Midplus 100: a basher, and I will always appreciate it, but a little too rigid and a little too powerful for me long-term. Sexy paintjob. I could spend more time with it, but I know my ProKennex 7G beats it so I think I won't waste any more of this frame's time.

RQIS 1 Tour XL 95: Looks ugly, hits beautifully. Super interesting frame in that the throat is super thin - 19 mm beam here - and then it gets thick in the hoop for pop. The feel is sensational -- still rigid but there's a LITTLE more softness and/or flex, probably due to that throat -- and the pattern is 16/18 so there's some good pocketing that gives you the feel of grabbing the ball and shooting it, whereas the 100 is more of a rigid pancake kind of a feel that deflects the ball rather than holding on. Excellent serving on both first and second. Got this battered frame for very cheap a long time ago as it was a used demo from my local shop, but had never given it a proper gallop. Lot to like here - nice 95 sq inch frame, good feel, extremely maneuverable, controlled pop. Not unseating the 7G anytime soon but it's firmly in the bag now as the 7G's ugly friend.
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