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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Let the controversy begin again.

L-Tec 3S 17 / L-Tec Gut 17

Stringing: Alas, the final L-Tec test from PV Audio (whatever my opinion is worth!). Strung easily, the 3S is moderately stiff, but nothing outrageous. If I closed my eyes, I wouldn't be able to tell that the "Gut" is not Wilson NXT. It has that same lumpy kind of feel to it. Will see this afternoon if this hybrid is any good, but already, this is a no-lose game for the L-Tec diehards. If I like it, as in it's ungodly, then they win. If I don't like it, then it wasn't the right hybrid, right tension, wrong stringing method, wrong racquet, wrong playing style, etc. Whatever, I'm here to test strings and not Area 51 claims. Strung 48/52.5
All I've gotta say is

Nice black pencil you got there.
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