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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Good luck, man. There is magic in the IG Midplus. I know it. I experienced it on multiple occasions. I just couldn't get back there for some reason, and this will be one of the great mysteries of my life. I hope you find the gold.
I've now tasted of its magic. I've seen the rainbow, and the gold is there for the taking . . . I think. Unbelievable frame! With my modded Londons, tennis is easy. The whole hoop is a sweetspot, and you can just swing 80% all day, not to mention that it's an all-court gem, imo. I don't know why I would deviate from this path, quite honestly. I don't really want to.

But . . . there's this Prestige. The first three balls I hit with it found the middle of the net, not even close to the tape. I thought, "Wow, this was a bad decision," and I put it down after about five minutes. However, I went back to it, considering that I haven't played in over a week, and I just started stroking the ball with a long, fluid, effortless swing. Something just happened; I can't explain it. I couldn't miss the sweetspot with this frame, and I couldn't miss a ball. This frame shows its teeth when you start finding the center of the stringbed with a long, relaxed swing. You feel it going into another gear, almost as if the stringbed is glazing the ball with control.

I could wax on and on, but after an hour of hitting, my hitting partner and I played a few sets, and surprisingly, I just continued with the Prestige. I won 1 & 3, had about 8-10 aces, and just put the ball on a dime the whole match. No timidity allowed with this frame, though, as it will fall short, but this is the best serving frame I've hit, and bh slices are just a dream.

Tennis is so much easier with the London, but the tennis purist in me will most likely switch to this frame, but I'll try to make it a slow transition.

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You are so right gads those rq's are ugly uglies but the design really does work.
Hey Meaghan, which grip shape do you prefer between your Beckers and this Yonex? I had a lot of trouble coming from Dunlop to BB, but now the Becker, and even Head shape, has grown on me quite a bit, especially the Head.
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