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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Sorry ali I was just saying that it is not a different racket so essentially if you weighted it with lead similarly to say hewitt's lay up you would have a very similar bat. So if he is stringing at 38 lbs then you would have an understanding of what that feels like.

I don't see this bat as being any more powerful than my legends/melbournes and I string them around 49lbs. My coach strings his n95 low 30's he doesn't have any problems.

Get one, give it a go
Normally I don't pay attention to all the hoopla and test things myself but I'm new to yonex and currently don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to it. I'm also pretty happy with the frames I have so it's tough to justify purchasing 2-3 new frames if the benefits are marginal; hence my apprehension and 1000 questions.

I have a 95 and a 98 awaiting more court time and I've played the 98 enough to know that it is a good fit for me but my only gripe was that it is a touch too light. It's fantastic for maneuverability and my serve is a definite weapon out of the box but off the ground it lacks just a touch of plowthrough. I have access to the spin and control but am missing that little extra that throws my opponents off. I'm trying to avoid slathering on the Pb for sticks so I was hoping the 95 fits my needs more. So far it's a go

Realistically these frames play very much like my YT Rad Pros but I'm popping strings every ~4-5 hours in those. The yonexes seem to hold out a little longer while giving me great playability and comfort. Furthermore, the build quality and grip shape are much more to my liking. I can't convey how great a feeling it was when I picked up 3 different sticks, ran them through the RDC and they all came out within a differential of a gram or two and a point for stiffness

I'm really dying to see how the 95 will react to my serve; if I can achieve the same level of confidence as I've been developing with the Rads, it's a definite go.
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