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Originally Posted by fibonacci888 View Post
The Rebel had a smaller sweetspot indeed. My skills are not yet there to play consistently good with it.
The warrior is very easy to hit with. Mostly the racket felt very fast, but there was not a WOW factor like i had with the PD. Also it feals a bit less solid as the PD.
Therefor i'm testing the PD tonight with a full synth gut at 26,5 kg. I'll keep you informed. If it hurts my arm, it's most likely going to be the warrior.
I agree the Warrior doesn't have the "wow" factor or is as "sexy" a choice as the Pure Drive. The PD does feel more "solid" on sweetspot hits, but the Warrior feels more solid when you miss the center. The PD, to me, doesn't have as large a sweetspot as everyone says it does.
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