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Hi - I went to the Open last year and really had a brilliant experience. I'm from the UK, so went all out for Ashe tickets right at the back lol, was really worth it though. Managed to get tickets for the men's semis (so saw the sensational Federer-Djokovic match) through ticketmaster general sale. For the final, I paid a bit extra on stubhub.

Stayed at the Pan American hotel. It wasn't great, the area not too nice, but the location was great for the tennis and sightseeing as it was pretty much equal distance between the two. Lots of people were staying there for the tennis. Would have much preferred to stay in Manhattan tbh, but it's so expensive...

I found that on Ashe people don't really sit in their allocated seats. If you are at the end of a row, it can be a bit frustrating as people continually walk up and down and obstruct your view...

I would have loved to have seen some matches on Armstrong or outside courts, but there was so much rain that it became too risky to spend a whole day waiting for play to start again...! So sorry I can't offer any advice on that.
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