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Bought my first Yonex tonight Hitting with the 95D/BHSR @ 48# convinced me.

Three things that stuck out:
1. I can't slow down my RHS. The minute I take off a little bit and try to hit deep, the ball sails and the "extra power" people have been mentioning is really noticeable.
2. Holy crap I have a 1hbh again. This is bad, real bad. Now I'm more than ever confused on which I want to hit (1 or 2hand)
3. Serves are more than adequate. The extra plow of the frame is greatly welcome. While I can really beat the proverbial fuzz off the ball with the 98, the 95 accentuates my "average" serve more which, is more important to me since I can't possibly hit 110+ on every serve. I also noticed that while there's a lot more gyration on kick serves with the 98, its "useless" spin. It doesn't add anything to the shot really. With some practice, and string tinkering, I'm sure I can get the 95 to hit the same ball but with the added court penetration.

Thanks all for your input!
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