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Originally Posted by heartattack View Post
i bring my aerogel to a stringer where i thought i could save some bucks. after they string it with itB string, i just notice that they cut the string on the tie off, just a little bit like 1/8". where it should be the same as PV pix here around 1/4". will i have a problem with this one or what?
You should be fine with 1/8. Has it settled yet, as in, has it been about 12 hours since stringing? If you cut the tails too short, as the tension is equalizing throughout the frame and then onto the first hit, you can suck the tail into the knot if it's too short. If you make your knots tight and make the tails long enough but still stick inside the frame, then you're fine. One of the many reasons I use the Wilson knot exclusively. The tail runs directly along the frame like the Parnell, only the knot is more compact yet holds just as well.

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