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Default SP Tornado 1.23mm / WC Explosiv! 1.30mm

SP Tornado 1.23mm / WC Explosiv! 1.30mm

Stringing: Yes, the L-Tec was so "not me" that I didn't even want to practice with it. So instead, I shall be trying this as my summer setup (have nearly full reels of both strings vs. only a few sets of Xcel FO). Since I already liked Tornado for its responsiveness, all that was left was the cross. Heard that Explosiv! gives a good crisp feel as a cross, so here we are! Explosiv! is just ridiculously easy to string, but since it's thick, good luck getting it through double blocked grommets without trimming significantly. Thankfully, this racquet has none. Strung 52/56lbs.
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