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As I hinted at earlier, I'm not going to do a full review of the BHB7/PPA or the Silverstring/OGSM. Neither was that good. The PPA had terrible durability (3.5 hours maybe?) and just didn't feel right. Spin was damped as well since it's bumpy and BHB7 is super sharp. Silverstring/OGSM just had no spin to speak of. In a full bed, or crossed with natural gut, you can get away with that. With the Gosen, you lose that unique Silverstring feel. It's no longer a great setup all around the court since it's hampered at the baseline. To be fair, it was OGSM 18 and not 17. There is an enormous difference between them: the latter is one of my all time faves; the former feels tinny.
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