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Originally Posted by domosborn View Post
bump again.... I am trying to order off site and have placed an order but havent put any payment in? had no email as of yet but was wondering If i was missing something.... trying to pay by card- if anyone could reply on here or email Meaghan maybe? please? sorry guys... thanks in advance- my german is, well- none existent and google translate is only helping a bit...
where are you ordering from...??

in UK i can get the stuff on 3bay or I order from racket depot uk or W&D strings. In the US BigT does it @ big t tennis.

Ive tried to order from Germany and had some problems with emails etc they just didnt answer. Most of the time you can pay by paypal, 'tennis man' is another in Germany, or the official website is www arfaian com

I would look at big t tennis website first it gives lots of info and their related strings. Ive tried a few, blackout=black code, lethal5=bhsr, blackforce=rpm blast, hexaspin twist=barb wire (with better longevity), plus power=sppp........
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