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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
I personally think it needs a touch of weight at top of the hoop or tighten that string bed.

Wawrinka bh's rule!

Ali try tour bite 1.25 mains/Lux TiMo 1.10 crosses string at the same tension as the thinner string is relatively stiffer......superb set up
Yeah, even with the BHSR, I could tell that the frame is a touch particular with strings. I'm going to start a fresh round of testing as soon as I get some new stock and my new reels. I can see the 95D really shining with Iontec; I want to say the string is "harder" but plays fairly soft. I was getting some wicked kick with my Rads-- I expect nothing less from the 95.

Going back to the BH problem... This stick has the perfect mass for me. If I prep my shot properly, I can rip the heck out of the 1hbh and I know exactly where it's going to land. The true test is whether I can return serve with it. I might have to return 2hbh for the stability and play with a 1hbh for style and rallies
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