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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
you don't get my point. I assume you live in either India or China, not sure. Please define 'moral'. What we have is freedom to do whatever we want to with our lives. Yes, some young or old people make stupid choices, but it's the same everywhere in the world... you guys simply live in repressed societies ... I believe that America is involved in too much ***** around the world. As a Canadian am against all wars, Afganistan, Iraq ... whatever. I hate their politics and their desire to sell some democracy to everyone... it's all about their own interest ... however, an average American citizen has freedom to do whatever the hell they want to with their lives ...

again what is moral to you? e.i. are you against gay people? are you against prostitution? you may not like it but Europe and North America are still the most civilized places in the world.

Have you ever been in America? Well, I have and I have met many wonderful people. How dare you to call it a dump. I think you watch too much TV.

Nice points Evan. Loved your post. How can anyone make sweeping generalizations like Americans are dumb? Anyway, nice to see someone posting sense here
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