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Originally Posted by alidisperanza View Post
Yeah, even with the BHSR, I could tell that the frame is a touch particular with strings. I'm going to start a fresh round of testing as soon as I get some new stock and my new reels. I can see the 95D really shining with Iontec; I want to say the string is "harder" but plays fairly soft. I was getting some wicked kick with my Rads-- I expect nothing less from the 95.

Going back to the BH problem... This stick has the perfect mass for me. If I prep my shot properly, I can rip the heck out of the 1hbh and I know exactly where it's going to land. The true test is whether I can return serve with it. I might have to return 2hbh for the stability and play with a 1hbh for style and rallies
I liked Iontec as a cross with TB main, worked really well, very controlling and lasted for ages. I tried it in a full bed and its not for me.

Just strung Vc95d #2 up with bhb7 1.25/Mosquito bite 1.16 @ 56lbs, feels very lively but controllable, great feel off these softer black strings. The smooth, thinner cross does give you some extra funk on the ball.

Just matched both sticks....361g and 32cm balance. Ive just measured sw the tw university way and the same number keeps popping up for both sticks at 355.

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