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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Sounds like some of this analysis is seriously out of date. Domijan was a nervous freshman in his first NCAA final 16 last year. That won't be a problem this year, and that is one reason the sophomore Domijan stays ahead of the freshman, Frank.

Drew Courtney flew to Alabama a little while ago to get custom shoe orthotics for his foot problem. He seems to be a new man. You might want to check his results from the ACC tournament at #1 doubles and #4 singles. "Top 4 clicking now" is even better than "top 3 clicking now." You also might want to check the results at #3 doubles.

Most of your assessment sounds spot on if only it had been written about a month ago.
Do we have any evidence to point to the contrary with domijan? not saying that he won't handle it better. Also what do you think about UVa's doubles lineup? Hard to believe (especially with the scores from the ACC tournament) that frank and domijan will stay at 3 doubles. I thought they were better than rooda/shane all along. Do you think they should keep the rooda/shane pairing together?
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