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In regard the jarring in this racquet you will need to put some lead kind like Meaghan did or so. My lead start one grommet upper from the first cross down to the six cross. That will open the upper sweetspot, since this racquet doesnt matter how good you are hitting in the center it has the tendency to hit the upper hoop.

About strings its what you arm and yourself like personally, I do play full bed wilson gut with all the power, control I need. In the first week I bought the 95d I spend some money to find the right string for me instantly without weeks and weeks of nonsense testing.

Full bed WC mosquito bite @ 50#
Babolat Tonic main/pro supex big ace cross 54/47#
Babolat Tonic main/ pro supex maxim touch 54/58#
Dunlop Black widow 17 @ 50# (only poly that im able to hit without pain if i care about polys ever again)
and Wilson gut full bed 60#

Sadly here I am reading and entertaining myself to get my head off from this Chronic tennis elbow (not 95d fault, but my own for not resting and Dunlop 200 lite with soft low power strings), so enjoy the racquet for me.

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