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After around 10 hours of hitting with the Yonex Poly Tour Spin I will make a switch.

TopSpin is off the charts and I noticed that it sustains its ball bite for quite a bit of time, much better than Tecnifibre Black Code, or Luxilon Alu Power Spin, you can produce a really heavy ball, control low slices from opponents that skid and retrieve a nice ball with rpm, i make some really acute angles due to the ability of the string to grab when I on the side of the ball and of course because of the racquet which is light powerful with open pattern that allows me to play how I like it and hit shots that I am not able with smaller head sizes and tighter string patterns.

Feel isn't like Luxilon, because it is different, but it has a nice blend of comfort but not too soft, touch and good stiffness to provide the control, also keeping the playability consistent for longer time than Luxilon BB Original or Luxilon Fluoro, 2 string that I used quite a bit.

Tension maintenance is very good, I didn't expect the string not move at all, but it moves a little which doesn't bother me, again I use Yonex Ezone Xi, 100 sq in, 16x18, so I expect and understand it will move a little.

To me this is a great string, much better cost per playability there is, at 8.95 it is unbeatable what you get from it.

I will keep the poly Tour HS on my Ezone Xi Team Plus, the spin machine only to tame the power and spin a bit more.
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