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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
Someone beat me to it I suspect someone in this thread gazumped me!

Anyway, the guy buying my Bio 200s just pulled out which is good because I am liking them second time round. Looked on TW and they are almost identical specs to the 95D except the 16x20 vs 18x20. Oddly, the IG Rad is a 98 but identical hoop to the 200 which is a 95. If I don't get on with these, 95D is next up!
I had my eyes on a particular 95D but snagged it for 91+change shipped so it waaasn't me . I also bought one today from my buddy's place. It's amazing the quality of these frames. I specced 3 of them on the RDC unstrung.

Weight (g): 320, 322, 320
BalanceL 31.25cm all three
Unstrung Stiffness: 69, 69, 68
SW: I don't remember this one exactly but I think it was about 320 each
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