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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Folks tend to downplay Borg's winning %, but notice that at 25, Nadal is still just below Borg and as for Federer, was there ever a time when he was at 82-83% during his career (say at 25-27?). Plus, look at Borg's match totals. Even at 25-26 he had played many more matches in total than Nadal. To answer the OP's question, I do think that Nadal can sustain his winning percentage. He is now well established as a top player, not climbing the ranks. Folks forget that sometimes. It's going to be years before he really drops much in the rankings in my opinion and during these next few years, I think he'll continue to win plenty.
Don't think so. As far as I'm aware, Federer's career winning % is at its peak right now, notwithstanding the substantial drop in his yearly winning % we've seen since 2007. The reason for this is his mediocre first 4 years on tour. He's been crawling his way up from defecit he incurred from 1999-2002 ever since.

Nadal, for instance, has never had any stand-out years in terms of winning % but he's never had any horrendous ones either since he was so good at such a young age, which helps out his career % a whole lot.

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