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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
No feathers ruffled here. I was just providing a counterpoint to what you said, because it honestly sounded like the same things that UVa fans were saying as we worried about our team a month ago. Drew Courtney was really struggling in every match a few weeks ago, even against competition that was not that great. His performance at the ACC tourney was three excellent doubles matches and three excellent singles matches, not just one win against Saba.


Notice I did not contradict your claim that we are shaky at 5 and 6, because we have yet to prove otherwise against top level competition. Another wild card is that Domijan and Frank are looking great at #3 doubles, but will probably have to play #2 in the NCAAs as a result. At this point, we don't even know who that will leave at #3 doubles. However, when you consider that we were losing almost every doubles point against top 25 teams for a good stretch of the season, and now we have two doubles teams that are suddenly looking very good, then there is some reason for optimism. We have to continue to keep an eye on the bottom of the singles and doubles lineups in the NCAA regionals before we can decide exactly how optimistic we should be. If we cannot pick up wins at #3 doubles and #5-6 singles, then it is a tough task. But if Courtney still was struggling at #4, then it would have put us in the long shot category -- say, about 16% chance of winning it.
a solid enough response

i'll just say
#1) there's a big difference b/t middle-of-the-road ACC competition at 4 singles and UCLA / USC / OSU at those positions - same w/ 3 dubs...turning things around bigtime vs some ACC opponents doesn't tell me much of anything about how things will go at the next level of yes a step in the right direction but I'll stay skeptical
#2) even some of the positions where UVA has been great like #1 dubs will likely be underdogs vs the big guns - USC, OSU, and UCLA are fantastic at that spot - did you see UCLA treat Cal and Stanford's #1 dubs teams like they were a couple of 4.5 USTA teams in back to back matches? - so again I don't know if UVA can win more than 2/4 dubs pts even if they have gotten a bit better at the lower spots

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