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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
This post is all kinds of wrong.

First of all dark skinned women are more attractive than pale skined and second are you new to college tennis? This is hardly a new trend. Lots of teams have a pipeline from a certain region of the world.
Sigh... A typical problem in America nowadays, people can only use either of the 2 words "Right" or "Wrong"...

You ever heard of the terms "preferrence" or "quantity supplied"?

When you see those Jersy Shores type all days long in towns like NY or L.A., people like me can just get so tired of it somehow.

Did you take Econ 101 in college??

Then again, speaking of which, I dated both a tanned surfer gal and another pale gal, I must say, the skin texture of the pale gal is much smoother, if you ask me. (body types alone are both slender, so comparable)

-- The tanned gal's like sand-paper and aged rapidly, whereas the pale one seems to stay looking young longer, so I don't know about this "attractive" therory about over-tanned WHITE gals (don't have much experience of other gals though)

Back to the Euro-import thing. True, It's nothing new to have one or two in a Div I team, but 4 or 5?!

For a state college, those may be public money we're talking about here. You really don't feel bad about that at all?
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