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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
I didn't say tanned, I said dark skinned. I agree that overly tanned white girls are not as attractive. I was referring to girls who naturally have darker skin a la the Italian/Spanish or others heritage. And no I am not a fan of the 'Jersey Shore type'. Why are you making the assumption that every darker skinned girl is a 'jersey shore' type.?

And no I don't feel bad about it. In terms of Memphis, good for them that they can recruit well overseas and geta good team because of it. If Memphis recruited locally they would lose out to Tennessee, Vandy and Ole Miss. Meaning they would be left with the leftovers and end up being pretty poor.
We're clearly talking about different "types" here - Just to clarify: I am NOT talking about gals who're naturally dark here - just to stop the argument that can lead to racism territory.

The reason I use the term "Jersey Shore" is referring to their motto "GTL" (Gym Tan Laundry), they already are not pale per se, but then they'll do the extremes to further tan themselves to a point that they become Charcoal!
-- these are the "type" that I am referring to.

Speaking of which, I do have lots of pals with Italian heritage who are pale and are proud to stay pale - so I'd call them the Counter-Jersey-Shore types

Again, I am talking about the way a state college spending tax-payer money. Whether they can recruit successfully against their conf rivals, is a different topic.

Hmm... May be I should write a letter to NCAA to limit the amount of scholarship available to foreigners.

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