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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
I was joking, of course, but I never underestimate the power of nagging.

Yes, the brown/green Prestiges went for 400 each and the same guy bought both lots (6 for about 2400.) Doubt it is a re-seller because they would not be able mark them up much, if at all. (Edit, Wrong! It was a re-seller and I shudder to think what he will ask for them, 1500+/each?) Seems true of most of the rackets as the prices were pretty high. (Edit, I spotted a couple of flippers, one is a minor flipper.) Paying full blown retail prices doesn't leave any room for flippers to profit. Hopefully, the rackets went to people who will actually play with them. (Edit: For the most part, that seems to be the case.) Seems like there were quite a few different buyers of the 22 lots.(Edit, Maybe 10 buyers) I think the flippers got priced out. (Edit, most of them did.)
Agree, most of these rackets went to player(s) that have $$$ and can afford to pay for the rackets that they really love and still play. I believe this is also proof that for some players, these rackets are still better weapons than any more modern racket ever made to replace them. I believe this buyer (brown/green Prestiges) was buying them for some player clients.

I would have loved to get another prestige pro as I play the pc600s and have one mint pro that I love hitting. Oh well, I will not pay that much for a hitter.

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