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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
After many failed attempts to sell my mint condition Tricomp 90 with brand new Head Rip Control string for a cheap price (below $20), I have decided to take it out for a spin. I was pleasantly surprised that the racquet has a very crisp, solid feel. It has plenty of power, control, spin potential and stability. I was able to stir the ball with precision. The only gripe is that the maneuverability is not great as it is heavy. Anyway, the Tricomp seems to be an unappreciated racquet. The moral of the story is that do not just go after racquets that are in the Greatest Racquets of All Times (GROT) as there are many great racquets available for cheap.
i found a sweet deal on a prince tricomp 110. i took it out yesterday for the first time, and man, what a sweet baby. this baby has power for a 12 oz racquet, i was quite surprised even though Virgina had stated that in an earlier post.
it may look like a girly racquet but that baby can power drive the ball. i served up 4 aces in one set yesterday against my tennis buddy and i am not know for a big server.
i love this racquet - as i said - i picked it up for a steal.
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